The humour of MS

I avoid telling people that I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  If I do, it is usually included in a humbling explanation for something spastic I just did.

Really, look it up, spasticity is a condition of MS.  I have always had spastic tendencies, so when I was diagnosed with MS in 2010, it did help explain a great deal.  I do not think it has really changed how I draw, I never could.  Please excuse the quality of my drawings.

Falling down or tripping happens to me more than most people.  My left foot has been numb for years.  Prior to the MS determination, I thought it was just from sitting or sleeping weird.  Visits to the chiropractor were done in attempts to fix it.  They never helped and I decided that they were all frauds.

I started a new position with a company and was invited to a nice dinner with the group at an upscale restaurant.  We were chatting and dinner was served.  As we commenced eating, I picked up my fork and my arm spasmed, hurling my fork across the room.


Another time, a coworker offered to buy me coffee.  We chatted about work to and from the Starbucks.  As we approached the elevator lobby, my foot tripped on the carpet edging and down I went.  Everyone around was so concerned if I was okay.  I jumped up and assured everyone that I was fine.  On the elevator up to the office, my coworker apologized profusely.  My red face dissipated and I told him not to worry, that it happens all the time.


Having MS is draining. I have learned how to work within my energy limitations. My energy is quite good in the mornings, so I hustle to get everything that needs to be done then.

I am good at the illusion of not having MS, until my energy is gone.  About 6:00pm the pain creeps in and my body seizes up.  Fortunately, sleep restores energy and I am good to go the next day.


MS is a silly disease.  My own body attacked my protective nerve coatings (Myelin).  Fortunately, I am on treatments that help prevent further damage.  The medicine is expensive and I finally got pills instead of needles.

Sure I have the existing damage that makes my life a three stooges movie, but it is anticipated that myelin repair medicine may be available by 2019.  Many people who have MS do not have the mobility I have.  Hopefully it will not diminish.  I guess I can draw walkers or scooters if required.  My art technique can probably manage that.

Perhaps I come across as being light-headed, but by finding the humour in MS helps immensely. I could be angry at the world or sad and focus on being a victim.  Those seem like unpleasant options to me.

I am alive!

Spastic, but I AM ALIVE!

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