Mind Melding with Authors

Mind Meld

The souls of my favorite authors have left impressions on mine.  I am so grateful to have gotten to share in the experiences described by the writers whose works that I have read.  The events, emotions and viewpoints they describe are channeled directly into my mind.


Travelling through Europe as a dancer and singer with the opera Porgy and Bess in the 1950’s is part of my psyche, thanks to Dr. Maya Angelou. http://mayaangelou.com/


(My apologies for this drawing. It is more grand in the book and my mind.)

Dr. Angelou is one of my most beloved authors as her works are compassionate and genuine.  Her experiences and perspective are vastly different from my own.  As a Canadian girl who grew up in northern Alberta, it was hard for me to fathom events that occurred to her and the culture she endured in the pre-WWII American South.  Dr. Angelou was not responsible for the situation of when and where she was born, but she developed courage and the tools to persevere against adversity.


Phill H

(Phil Helmuth at the 2007 WSOP)

Thanks to Phil Helmuth for the abundance of poker advice provided.   Poker has many variables and Phil’s sharing of poker strategy and experience has been extremely valuable.  I no longer smooth call with Aces while trying to entrap other players.  I thought I was very clever limping with aces, and in the poker circles that was getting known as a “Bunny bet” (my poker nickname is Bunny).  Smooth calling aces will get them cracked way too often.


When choosing a book to read, it is usually an autobiography of someone I already like and admire. I have read autobiographies of people I thought I liked, but while reading their book I leaned more towards not liking them.  In those situations, the mind meld did not occur.  My tastes gravitate to rock star and poker player biographies, but they are not limited to those types.

Many biographies have co-authors.  Ozzy Osbourne collaborated with Chris Ayres on “I am Ozzy” , which is a great book.  I enjoyed having Ozzy explain his viewpoint and the logic regarding his outlandish moments.


(Meeting Ozzy in 2010)

There is definitely an impact on my mind from what the Authors expressed.  As a reader, you have an intimate realtionship with the author.  The author has revealed inner thoughts and feelings.  When you meet a person, you don’t know what is going on in their head.  It is refreshing to have a glimpse of them through reading.

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