The Thrill of another World Series of Poker (WSOP) chapter

It is a last minute choice.

The 2014 WSOP was kicked off in May. As the first few events got underway and friends and fellow poker players posted updates on social media, I was super anxious. I wanted to be there so much, but having just been laid off I never considered going.

Then a friend, “Mr. Poker” suggested that it is an opportune time to go.
I processed this thought and booked a trip to vegas for event 26. A No Limit Hold ‘Em tourney on June 11th has a $1500.00 buy in.

You cannot win if you do not risk. This is a bit of a risk, but life is short. I will play stronger than ever.

The last WSOP event I played in 2011 was tough. Mistakes were made and although I had some luck, a few poor choices knocked me out on the 1st day.

Seated in 2011

I will make it through day 1, then day 2 and ultimately play heads up on day 3 if my skill, strength and luck persist.



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