The bright side

Life. Everyone is living it.

We learn how to live our life by watching.
Our parents or caregivers of our youth form our first impressions.

People learn from those that influence in our lives.
There is a logical rationale that children learn the trade skills of their parents.
Life skills are taught from birth, so tailors beget tailors, farmers pass on their skills and land to kids and so forth.
We teach what we know.
Unfortunately we teach the less desirable skills as well. Manipulation, Alcoholism, Dependency and such.

There is a proverb that nails the teaching message;
The author of this phrase was not cited; as ownership of this message is credited as a Chinese proverb, Benjamin Franklin and a Native American saying.
It is great advice – perhaps by multiple sources, so I will leave it at that.

I am continuously working on lessons to teach my daughter.
The life of a day lily is one I often use.
This beautiful flower grows and will bloom in a morning.
In the evening the petals will close.
The following day it deteriorates and falls off.

A lesson I feel learned from the day lily is that;
Prime moments in life are brief.
Embrace them, cherish them.
So many wonderful things are over too soon.
Don’t miss them.

if not

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