Days of Beauty

My daughter was very upset yesterday, she was trembling with fury and close to crying. “Why are so many people in the world so stupid?” she exclaimed  “They complain about their problems and just make them worse by smoking, drinking and doing drugs. What is the point in trying to help people if they are too stupid to help themselves?

Pause…deep breathe. What do I say to this?  I let her vent her feelings and encouraged her to keep talking and get to the specific issue that is really bothering her.  After she got the frustrations of the day out I tried to help her get to a good place.

Eventually I explained “You cannot force people to do what you think they should do honey. you can only control what you do.”

The conversation was interrupted by two cats and a dog wanting some attention. As we played with the pets, we laughed and joked.  She smiled and her sad feelings were dissipating.

Days of beauty may not be 100%, but it is always there. Rain and storm clouds pass through – but just keep going and the beauty shines again.

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