Stationary cycle, binge TV, lunchtime walks and bitch slapping MS

I still have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and it is unlikely that it will disappear anytime soon.

MS is an unpredictable disease of the central nervous system that is unique in how it manifests itself with those that have it. There are people that have had success battling MS using prescribed diets, exercise programs, surgery (CCVSI) and a variety of other amazing solutions.  I have found that one person’s miraculous cure does not necessarily work for others with MS. The self proclaimed experts preach – change your diet by removing gluten, eat pounds of kale and antioxidants & exercise for 2 hours day and MS will go away.

I have to call BS on these claims 41n0S5fHOLL._SY300_

The doctors that treat my MS are actually knowledgeable and I find them to be quite helpful. The medication I am on is directed at managing the actual biological occurrences of MS. The advice I am given, such as eat well, exercise, sleep and do what you can to remove stress, works rather well.

What I do know is that I have MS. There is currently no cure for it.  My mobility is only slightly impaired but I can move. I limp a bit and at the end of the day I can hardly move. Sleep resets my body every day. MS impacts my life but doesn’t stop it. I may hurt more than the average person, but I am not sure of that – because I have MS my threshold for pain has become rather high.

Here is a summary of things that work for me to manage my MS. I am not dictating that these will work for everyone as MS is very person specific, but they help me. 

A stationary recumbent cycle is good friend of mine. It allows me to exercise with a very low injury rate. Having MS is not a death sentence, however many people with MS die of complications. I get this. My spasticity is significant. I fall down a lot. Running is no longer an option as my left foot is not reliable. The recumbent machine helps me to keep my legs strong and manage my weight.


Spending time on the cycle can get dull so thankfully there is Netflix :). Binge watching programs gives my mind something to focus on and is entertaining.

Lunchtime walks at work help to break up my workday,refresh my mind and help keep me limber through the afternoon. My office is in NE Calgary and the Bow river and Calgary zoo are only 3-5 km away. There are lovely bike & pedestrian paths – so I don’t fall down much.


As I have said many times, we only get the one life, so I am just going to live it.                             Having MS isn’t going to mess up my life, that bitch is going to get slapped.

Now to play Neil Peart’s drums. 🙂


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