Encounters with Magnificent Guitarists

We all have heroes.

Since childhood I have been awestruck by guitarists and fortunately I have been able to see some of my idols perform live.

I have seen incredible Canadian guitarists such as:

Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams 1

It was the Waking up the World Tour in 1992. Bryan was super famous and the concert was at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary. There were over 35,000 people on the ski hill looking down at the stage. The concert went to the wee hours and was finally concluded by a lightning storm during “Kids wanna rock”. I believe someone was struck by lightning.

Colin James

Colin James 1994

Colin opened for the Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge tour in 1994. I drove to Edmonton to see the concert. It was a great concert. Unfortunately I ended up spending time in a local hospital at 2:00 am after my friend Patricia’s boyfriend got hit over the head with a pool cue.

Memories 🙂

And over the years I have continued to see some truly spectacular ones like:

Gus G

Gus G

Gus was mesmerizing to watch. You have to be the best to play Crazy Train with Ozzy Osborne! That was a fantastic concert – both Gus and Ozzy were so much fun. Near the end of the concert, Ozzy blasted the front rows with a foam gun. Everyone including Ozzy was soaked. Of course it was -30 degrees in Calgary that November and we were covered in Ice when we left the Saddledome.

Keith Richards


Wow, Keith can play and he just keeps going and going. Seeing the Stones was just thrilling and it felt as though they are family. Mick’s voice & Keith’s guitar have been part of my life soundtrack since birth.

Alex Lifeson & Getty Lee


They were just spectacular. Alex & Geddy made it look effortless.

They are the Masters of Rock.

Billy Gibbons


It was surreal when Billy did his Jimi Hendrix tribute and performed “Foxy Lady”

Billy is in the guitarist stratosphere category with Jimi & Stevie Ray!



The dynamic between Dusty & Billy was wondrous. This concert was an MAJOR highlight in my life!

mmbah how how how how. 😉






SLASH. What can you say about Slash. I have been mesmerized by him since Appetite for Destruction came out. One riff and I was hooked.


I did meet Slash and IT WAS AWESOME!.


Joe Satriani

image image

I just love Joe Satriani!

He grins the entire time he is playing. There is someone who loves what he does.

It is a pleasure to listen to him, the amount of serenity and joy his music exudes is mystical.

Eddie Van Halen

EDDIE!!! I became enamored by Eddie about age 11.  EVH

2004 and Van Halen with Sammy Hagar came to Calgary.                                             Experiencing the great Eddie Van Halen was a dream come true. His Eruption solo went on for quite while. It was heaven the whole time he played. He pulled his hair in ponytail on his head to play and was utterly amazing.


After the show, there were critics that were a bit harsh on Eddie.

Those fuckers – they were not worthy.

Eddie was magnificent.

Future Performances?

There is much Magnificent guitar playing to experience.

I only have one signed guitar on my wall.

My goal is to be the old lady with a warehouse of priceless guitars. 😉


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