Here I go again…

Here I Go Again…..

Yes I am quoting Whitesnake, well not all of it. – Just that line, but hopefully that awesome ’80.s video with the image of Tawny Kitean doing cartwheels on cars comes to mind.

This blog is about great guitarists. There are too many to ever capture in one blog. This is part II and I will add chapters for years and years.

I had the privilege this year of meeting Joe Satriani. The week prior to the concert, Doug and I were deciding what to have autographed by Joe. The email indicated at the meet and greet each person could have an item signed. I chose his book. Then went online to see what others were getting signed.. Most fans had a guitar signed, so I asked Doug which guitar of ours we should get signed. I offered my nice red fender style axe. Doug laughed and said “You don’t get Joe to sign anything but an Ibanez.”

So-an hour later I am at Guitarworks at Crowfoot. They have a purple Ibanez for $2500. Fuck!!! Doug and I had both just been laid off, so extra spending is not an option. I call Doug and he tells me to forget it & come home. Two hours later we are at the Cross Irons Guitarworks. They had a beautiful maple Ibanez for less than $300.00. SOLD.



Meeting Joe was phenomenal. He was very personable and friendly. He had his own photos there that he signed as well as our backstage tags, the guitar and book, He didn’t limit how many items he signed. His personality is aligned with his music which I find serene and harmonious. Makes sense.


2016 was a decent year for concerts in Calgary. We had the opportunity to see the reverend Willy G again. ZZ Top was playing at the Grey Eagle Casino this time and I managed to score meet and greets. The group doesn’t sign any items and the meeting is very efficient after the concert. This was fortunate, as a Billy F Gibbons-Les Paul Goldtop goes for about 6,000 American.

The concert was terrific. We were front row centre and Billy was directly in front of me on the stage. My favorite ZZ Top song is La Grange and I have been known to lead groups in bars in signing this great song so this video captures one of the highlights of my life.

The meeting was to occur after the concert, which was different from any other meeting we have been to. this was interesting as we drank a wee bit too much beer during the concert but the meeting was still spectacular.


I sure like ZZ-Top.


I am definitely closer to being the crazy old lady with heaps of signed guitars.


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