The Legacy of Stevie Ray Vaughan

Listening to the blues can be deeply satisfying. Although I am incredibly keen on heavy metal and hard rock music, the blues are my favorite.  Much of my passion for the blues  developed through hearing the music of the great guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughn (SRV).

One day I plan to go to Austin and check out the statue of him while listening to The House is a Rocklin’ on my headphones.


My introduction to SRV was in the early 1980’s through a music video.  When I saw the video for “Cold Shot” I was hooked. The video cracked me up. I loved his guitar playing, the music and his sense of humour. I developed a crush, which is common for a 13-year-old girl, but this one never went away.

Over time, I’ve become familiar with the artists that influenced SRV and have added the music of Jimi Hendrix, BB King, John Lee Hooker, Albert Collins and T-Bone Walker to my collections which further enhanced my passion for the blues. SRV could take a magnificent piece like “Little Wing” and enrich it. He was such an amazing artist. Watching him play is something to see and if you watch this video, you can see how intense and enraptured he was while playing.

Although SRV left this realm in August of 1990, his style and passion for playing the guitar lives on. A young boy named Kenny Wayne Shepherd (KWS) met SRV when he was just 7


KWS stated in a 2011 interview that he began playing guitar in earnest about six months after meeting and being “pretty mesmerized” By SRV.

The impetus to write this occurred when the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band came to Calgary earlier this year. Once we scored tickets for the show, we booked a room at the Deerfoot Casino so we didn’t have to drive and could have a few drinks.


The concert started at 9:00 and we checked in around 6:00. We brought some beer to drink in the room before the concert. After a couple of beer, we went down to the casino, played slot machines and got our wristbands for the Chrome Showroom. We went back to the room about 8:00, finished off the beer. Doug left to have a cigarette and we would meet up in the lobby.  I fixed my hair, left the room and pressed the button for the elevator.

I got in the elevator went and it went up. The door opened and two gentlemen got in, politely I asked “Are you going to the Kenny Wayne Shepherd show?”. They laughed and replied ” Ya, we are in the show.” I laughed and apologized as the elevator went down.

My mind was racing as I realized that I was in the elevator with rock and roll legends. ACK!! I should say something! My poor drunk little mind couldn’t think of a bloody thing. “Well, I look forward to seeing you at the show.” I said and smiled, they replied  “thanks, enjoy the show” and got off the elevator.

With my heart racing, I ran toward Doug. “I was just on the elevator with two guys from the band!” I squealed. We walked down the long hallway with me babbling about how I was two feet away from Stevie Ray Vaughn’s drummer and I was too daft to comprehend it at the time. D’oh. Another celebrity encounter to add to my re-do wish list along with Slash, Johnny Chan, Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flanery, Billy Gibbons, Joe Satriani..and so on.

We took our seats, Doug got us another beer and we laughed because the beer came in stubby bottles and I settled down. The show was terrific.  We loved it all. The vocals, drums, bass and Kenny is a spectacular guitar player.

The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band is in my top 5 bands and climbing higher as I enjoy the music. It is wonderful to experience guitar greatness in person, it makes me very happy and I am hopeful  that I will see them again.



Here I go again…

Here I Go Again…..

Yes I am quoting Whitesnake, well not all of it. – Just that line, but hopefully that awesome ’80.s video with the image of Tawny Kitean doing cartwheels on cars comes to mind.

This blog is about great guitarists. There are too many to ever capture in one blog. This is part II and I will add chapters for years and years.

I had the privilege this year of meeting Joe Satriani. The week prior to the concert, Doug and I were deciding what to have autographed by Joe. The email indicated at the meet and greet each person could have an item signed. I chose his book. Then went online to see what others were getting signed.. Most fans had a guitar signed, so I asked Doug which guitar of ours we should get signed. I offered my nice red fender style axe. Doug laughed and said “You don’t get Joe to sign anything but an Ibanez.”

So-an hour later I am at Guitarworks at Crowfoot. They have a purple Ibanez for $2500. Fuck!!! Doug and I had both just been laid off, so extra spending is not an option. I call Doug and he tells me to forget it & come home. Two hours later we are at the Cross Irons Guitarworks. They had a beautiful maple Ibanez for less than $300.00. SOLD.



Meeting Joe was phenomenal. He was very personable and friendly. He had his own photos there that he signed as well as our backstage tags, the guitar and book, He didn’t limit how many items he signed. His personality is aligned with his music which I find serene and harmonious. Makes sense.


2016 was a decent year for concerts in Calgary. We had the opportunity to see the reverend Willy G again. ZZ Top was playing at the Grey Eagle Casino this time and I managed to score meet and greets. The group doesn’t sign any items and the meeting is very efficient after the concert. This was fortunate, as a Billy F Gibbons-Les Paul Goldtop goes for about 6,000 American.

The concert was terrific. We were front row centre and Billy was directly in front of me on the stage. My favorite ZZ Top song is La Grange and I have been known to lead groups in bars in signing this great song so this video captures one of the highlights of my life.

The meeting was to occur after the concert, which was different from any other meeting we have been to. this was interesting as we drank a wee bit too much beer during the concert but the meeting was still spectacular.


I sure like ZZ-Top.


I am definitely closer to being the crazy old lady with heaps of signed guitars.


Encounters with Magnificent Guitarists

We all have heroes.

Since childhood I have been awestruck by guitarists and fortunately I have been able to see some of my idols perform live.

I have seen incredible Canadian guitarists such as:

Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams 1

It was the Waking up the World Tour in 1992. Bryan was super famous and the concert was at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary. There were over 35,000 people on the ski hill looking down at the stage. The concert went to the wee hours and was finally concluded by a lightning storm during “Kids wanna rock”. I believe someone was struck by lightning.

Colin James

Colin James 1994

Colin opened for the Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge tour in 1994. I drove to Edmonton to see the concert. It was a great concert. Unfortunately I ended up spending time in a local hospital at 2:00 am after my friend Patricia’s boyfriend got hit over the head with a pool cue.

Memories 🙂

And over the years I have continued to see some truly spectacular ones like:

Gus G

Gus G

Gus was mesmerizing to watch. You have to be the best to play Crazy Train with Ozzy Osborne! That was a fantastic concert – both Gus and Ozzy were so much fun. Near the end of the concert, Ozzy blasted the front rows with a foam gun. Everyone including Ozzy was soaked. Of course it was -30 degrees in Calgary that November and we were covered in Ice when we left the Saddledome.

Keith Richards


Wow, Keith can play and he just keeps going and going. Seeing the Stones was just thrilling and it felt as though they are family. Mick’s voice & Keith’s guitar have been part of my life soundtrack since birth.

Alex Lifeson & Getty Lee


They were just spectacular. Alex & Geddy made it look effortless.

They are the Masters of Rock.

Billy Gibbons


It was surreal when Billy did his Jimi Hendrix tribute and performed “Foxy Lady”

Billy is in the guitarist stratosphere category with Jimi & Stevie Ray!



The dynamic between Dusty & Billy was wondrous. This concert was an MAJOR highlight in my life!

mmbah how how how how. 😉






SLASH. What can you say about Slash. I have been mesmerized by him since Appetite for Destruction came out. One riff and I was hooked.


I did meet Slash and IT WAS AWESOME!.


Joe Satriani

image image

I just love Joe Satriani!

He grins the entire time he is playing. There is someone who loves what he does.

It is a pleasure to listen to him, the amount of serenity and joy his music exudes is mystical.

Eddie Van Halen

EDDIE!!! I became enamored by Eddie about age 11.  EVH

2004 and Van Halen with Sammy Hagar came to Calgary.                                             Experiencing the great Eddie Van Halen was a dream come true. His Eruption solo went on for quite while. It was heaven the whole time he played. He pulled his hair in ponytail on his head to play and was utterly amazing.


After the show, there were critics that were a bit harsh on Eddie.

Those fuckers – they were not worthy.

Eddie was magnificent.

Future Performances?

There is much Magnificent guitar playing to experience.

I only have one signed guitar on my wall.

My goal is to be the old lady with a warehouse of priceless guitars. 😉


The Thrill of another World Series of Poker (WSOP) chapter

It is a last minute choice.

The 2014 WSOP was kicked off in May. As the first few events got underway and friends and fellow poker players posted updates on social media, I was super anxious. I wanted to be there so much, but having just been laid off I never considered going.

Then a friend, “Mr. Poker” suggested that it is an opportune time to go.
I processed this thought and booked a trip to vegas for event 26. A No Limit Hold ‘Em tourney on June 11th has a $1500.00 buy in.

You cannot win if you do not risk. This is a bit of a risk, but life is short. I will play stronger than ever.

The last WSOP event I played in 2011 was tough. Mistakes were made and although I had some luck, a few poor choices knocked me out on the 1st day.

Seated in 2011

I will make it through day 1, then day 2 and ultimately play heads up on day 3 if my skill, strength and luck persist.